The below is a list of upcoming sailings between all Australian and New Zealand RoRo ports. In order to meet each sailing we need to look to deliver the vehicle 2-5 working days prior to the estimated departure date from your chosen origin port.

Once the vessel arrives into its destination, you then need to allow 3-5 working days for the vessel to be unloaded, the vehicle to be cleared through both customs and quarantine and delivered to your chosen compliance depot or address.

If you would like a quote to ship your vehicle between any of the below ports please use our Instant Quote Calculator or give us a call on 07 3267 3694.

Fremantle to NZ

VesselDeparture: Fremantle Arrival: AucklandArrival: WellingtonArrival: LytteltonArrival: Nelson
Paradise Ace23-Mar09-Apr11-Apr12-Apr13-Apr
Glovis Caravel09-Apr24-Apr07-May08-May09-May
Marguerite Ace20-Apr07-May09-May10-May11-May
Clover Ace10-May25-MayTBATBATBA

Adelaide to NZ

VesselDeparture: Adelaide Arrival: AucklandArrival: WellingtonArrival: LytteltonArrival: Nelson
Paradise Ace28-Mar09-Apr11-Apr12-Apr13-Apr
Glovis Caravel13-Apr24-Apr07-May08-May09-May
Marguerite Ace24-Apr07-May09-May10-May11-May
Clover Ace14-May25-MayTBCTBCTBC

Melbourne to NZ

VesselDeparture: Melbourne Arrival: AucklandArrival: WellingtonArrival: LytteltonArrival: Nelson
Prime Ace17-Mar30-Mar08-Apr09-Apr10-Apr
Trans Future 722-Mar26-Mar30-Mar28-Mar31-Mar
Paradise Ace30-Mar09-Apr11-Apr12-Apr13-Apr
Trans Future 502-Apr10-Apr14-Apr13-AprTBC
Glovis Caravel15-Apr24-Apr07-May08-May09-May
Trans Future 619-Apr23-Apr27-Apr25-Apr28-Apr
Marguerite Ace26-Apr07-May09-May10-May11-May
Clover Ace16-May25-MayTBCTBCTBC

Port Kembla to NZ

VesselDeparture: Port Kembla Arrival: AucklandArrival: WellingtonArrival: LytteltonArrival: Nelson
Prime Ace19-Mar30-Mar08-Apr09-Apr10-Apr
Trans Future 720-Mar26-Mar30-Mar28-Mar31-Mar
Prominent Ace26-Mar04-AprNANANA
Paradise Ace02-Apr09-Apr11-Apr12-Apr13-Apr
Trans Future 504-Apr10-Apr14-Apr13-AprTBC
Glovis Caravel17-Apr24-Apr07-May08-May09-May
Trans Future 617-Apr23-Apr27-Apr25-Apr28-Apr
Marguerite Ace28-Apr07-May09-May10-May11-May
Clover Ace18-May25-MayTBCTBCTBC

Brisbane to NZ

VesselDeparture: Brisbane Arrival: AucklandArrival: WellingtonArrival: LytteltonArrival: Nelson
Trans Future 718-Mar26-Mar30-Mar28-Mar30-Mar
Prime Ace21-Mar30-Mar08-Apr09-Apr10-Apr
Prominent Ace30-Mar04-AprNANANA
Trans Future 506-Apr10-Apr14-Apr13-AprTBC
Paradise Ace04-Apr09-Apr11-Apr12-Apr13-Apr
Trans Future 615-Apr23-Apr27-Apr25-Apr28-Apr
Glovis Caravel19-Apr24-Apr07-May08-May09-May
Marguerite Ace30-Apr07-May09-May10-May11-May
Clover Ace20-May25-MayTBCTBCTBC