Roll on, Roll off shipping is specifically designed for the movement of empty vehicle’s, there are several reasons why you can’t include personal items with the vehicle:

  • Theft and Pillaging can be a bit of an issue with RoRo shipping – We have no control over who works on the ports or who the shipping line employ to staff the vessel. The vehicle needs to remain unlocked and accessible at all times during the shipping process so customs and quarantine can complete their relevant inspections so if you choose to leave personal items inside the vehicle then these items are more or less ‘free for the taking’ for anyone working on the port as they all know that they shouldn’t be there in the first place
  • The shipping line won’t accept any responsibility for any items left inside vehicles, nor will they allow us to declare them on any of the Bills of Lading meaning that any item left inside the vehicle technically means you are trying to smuggle undeclared items in through the border. Even if you wanted to declare them the shipping line won’t allow it as they don’t want to be legally responsible, hence the blanket rule that no items can be left inside the car
  • Lastly, if the shipping lines gave the OK for people to load items inside their vehicle’s it would open a pandora’s box of what is and isn’t allowed, for example you would have people loading up there cars from top to bottom with anything and everything, they would pack up ute’s filled with all sorts of cargo which also would have the potential of breaking loose and causing havoc as it moved around the inner deck of the vessel whilst at sea.