If you don’t have a registration certificate or old renewal notice lying around then you will need to contact the department of transport and request one to be mailed out to you. An the original registration document is important for several reasons, it’s needed to prove that you have used the vehicle here in Australia, and it’s also needed in order to get the vehicle complied and registered over in New Zealand.

If you don’t have a purchase invoice you will have a couple of options, if you purchase the the vehicle through a dealership then you could get in contact with them and ask them to send you out a copy.

If the vehicle was purchased as a private sale, and you don’t have any paperwork to show this purchase then you can type up a bill of sale and backdate it. NZ customs have recently cracked down on typed and handwritten bill’s of sales due to the fact that they can be easily doctored, so if you’re looking to claim the GST exemption we will need further proof of the transaction, generally, a bank statement showing the movement of funds between you and the seller is ideal, or even a large withdrawal of cash in the days prior to the purchase is also acceptable.

Important: If you can’t get any form of bill of sale or any supporting evidence documenting the transaction, then NZ customs will order a valuation on the vehicle on arrival, the valuation will cost AUD 300.00 so it’s best to try and dig up the paperwork to avoid this cost if at all possible.