It completely depends on the conditions of your contract with your finance company, every financial lender is different so the first step will be to contact your current finance company and ask for their terms regarding taking the vehicle out of the country.

Quite a few finance companies operate in both Australia and New Zealand so it could potentially be no problem at all.

The real ‘issue from their perspective would be that if the vehicle is the security against the loan, and you were to default on your payments, they would repossess the vehicle – Of course if you shipped this outside of Australia then of course this removes their ability to do so. If the finance company will NOT allow the export of the vehicle outside of Australia you still have a couple of options:

  • Pay your loan out here in Australia if you have the funds available to free up the encumbrance on the vehicle
  • Take out a personal loan to pay off the vehicle.
  • Re-finance through an Australian or NZ lender who will allow you to move the vehicle

*Please note that if you do have finance owing on a vehicle at the time of arrival into New Zealand, then you will NOT be eligible for the GST exemption as you technically don’t own the vehicle – the finance company does. It can still be imported but it will be subject to import GST.