It is possible to deliver the vehicle into the port yourself in Brisbane, Port Kembla, Melbourne and Adelaide although if you do not hold an MSIC card you will need to pay an escort fee to the terminal and sit through an induction. The induction cost is generally more than the towing cost into the port anyway, so for any port except Port Kembla it’s much easier / cheaper just to let us organize the car transportation into the port via our security cleared tow trucks.

Since Port Kembla is so far away from Sydney (approx 100km) we always give you the option to deliver yourself or to have it collected and delivered via tow truck so the decision is yours.

Over in NZ, it will not be legal for you to collect your car from the port and drive it away, all vehicle’s need to undergo compliance before they can legally be registered and driven on NZ roads, all of our quotes include trucking a car out of the port, and delivery within the metro area via a security cleared tow truck so it’s best if we look after the vehicle transport on your behalf. If your final destination is far away from the major ports, then we are happy to advise on vehicle transportation costs for the last leg of the journey if required.