You are probably wondering “what is roll on, roll off? What will actually happen to my car?”

Purpose built car carrying vessels are used to ship vehicles internationally, the inside of one of these vessels look like a huge underground carpark. Vehicles are driven from the port, up a ramp and onto one of many decks on the vessel and are secured into place using lashing straps.

The pictures included were taken aboard the Trans Future 5 prior to it departing Australia recently, as you can see the storage areas are clean, secure and well organised.

At no point on the vessel will your vehicle be exposed to sea spray, rain or wind – modern day roll on, roll off shipping is safe and CHEAP!

One downside to roll on, roll off shipping is that you aren’t allowed to include any personal effects with the shipment. Your keys need to be left inside the unlocked vehicle so the shipping line will take no responsibility for any items left inside of it, and with no real way to monitor every vehicle on the ship the crew on the vessel or any of the staff at each port the vessel calls would have every chance to take your belongings. It also opens you up to delays and additional charges incurred by NZ customs making us lodge another declaration for your personal effects. At the end of the day it will save a whole lot of hassle and money if you just ship your car empty.

If you only have a small amount of personal effects, or perhaps a baby seat, our recommendation is to take it on the plane as excess baggage. If you are looking to ship quite a lot more than this, you could look at shipping your vehicle and personal effects inside of your own 20ft or a shared 40ft container. This is quite a bit more expensive, but we offer quotes on both of these container options, as well as roll on, roll off shipping in one easy to read quote.

If you would like a quotation on moving your vehicle via a roll on, roll off service then please feel free to use our AUTOMATED QUOTE CALCULATOR, shoot us an email at info@willship.co.nz or give us a call on 07 3267 3694.