When you are arranging an international shipment, there are plenty of things to take into consideration. Dates, documents, pricing for everything – at Willship we do our best to make the whole process as straightforward and easy for you as possible.

If you have already made a booking with us and are wondering what to do next, you’re looking in the right place. Preparing your vehicle for international shipping is just as important as the rest of the process, and if it’s done correctly it can save you a whole lot of hassle down the track.

Here’s a few easy steps to follow.

Wash Your Car WillShip NZ Icon Image


When your vehicle arrives overseas it will be inspected by quarantine before it’s released to you. Quarantine will be looking for any biological matter – leaves, seeds, animal hairs, insects etc. – as they have the potential to have a negative impact on the local environment. If they find any biological matter on your vehicle they will have to clean and re-inspect it before they can release it to you – and the costs involved with that will be passed on to you.

So, be sure to give your vehicle a good clean before it’s shipped. Giving attention to the wheel arches, front grill, windscreen and carpets will give your vehicle a good shot at passing on it’s initial quarantine inspection.

Unfortunately, there is no way to ‘guarantee’ the vehicle will pass its inspection in NZ, it always comes down to the officers discretion on the day so you just need to do the best you can to get it clean, and then cross your fingers it passes its inspection.

Remove items from inside you Icon


When shipping via roll on, roll off, your vehicle is required to be completely empty. Of course things like your service book, floor mats, seat covers and your spare tire and jack can be left behind, but be sure to take everything else out prior to shipping. For more information on why, see this page.

Remove or secure any loose parts icon


You only have to worry about this if your vehicle has easily detachable accessories, like a bike rack or antenna. Make sure they are secured properly or removed before shipping!

Empty your gas tank Icon


If you are shipping your vehicle inside of a container then international dangerous goods regulations requires the fuel tank to be as close to empty as you can get it. If you are shipping via roll on, roll off, then this regulation doesn’t apply to your vehicle.

Make sure you have an extra set of keys Icon


Having a spare key isn’t completely necessary, though as you’ll need to leave a set with the vehicle when it ships it might make you feel more comfortable knowing you have a set with you as well.

If you are considering shipping your car, please feel free to use our INSTANT ONLINE QUOTE CALCULATOR or feel free to give us a call on 07 3267 3694 or email us at info@willship.co.nz to discuss your requirements. For information on shipping vehicles to New Zealand please visit this page.