After the team’s last visit to the Demon Energy D1NZ National Drifting Championship during November (which led to a disappointing early exit) Team SCR were determined to work their way to the top for the 2016 season. For those who don’t know, D1NZ is a production car drifting series in New Zealand which began in early 2003 and has since become an event recognised around the world.



The trip started when Team SCR landed in New Zealand. They then drove 2.5 hours southeast to Tauranga where Round 2 of the championship were held. The sold-out event was proving to be one of the most exciting events on the team’s calendar. The event took place in a car park known as the ‘Concrete Jungle’ and allowed fans to get up close and personal to the tournament.

The team had five practice sessions penciled in the next day.


On Friday morning, the team woke up to rain which continued to persist throughout the day. As a result, the five practice sessions were postponed, however, that didn’t stop them! The team prepped the car and sent Team SCR driver, Michael Prosenik, out to get a feel for the car in the conditions and put on a show for the die-hard fans. The team then double checked the car, packed up, and headed home to rest for the massive 17 hour day that was ahead of them.


Race day was upon them, and there wasn’t a trace of rain. The track surface was looking dry and hot which meant fast speeds and lots of door to door tyre smoking action. The team had two practices which went on without a hitch. Team driver, Michael Prosenik, threw down some of the best runs to be seen on the day. However in qualifying, he made a major error as he missed a gear on his run. This resulted in the team receiving a score of 42. However, in the second round, the team managed to play it safe and receive a score of 74 which landed them 15th on the leaderboard.

It was a long day of competition. Team SCR had four hours in-between battles, with the next upcoming battle against Shayne Giles. When the battle came, Team SCR performed well, and Giles even made a few mistakes. This gave Team SCR the win and, a position in the top 16.

With one battle down, Team SCR knew they had to give it their all to make their way to the top. The next battle was against home-town hero and 2015 winner, Cole Armstrong, who was currently in 2nd place. Prosenik chased him and pushed both the car and his competitor, to the limit. As a result, Armstrong made a mistake, spun in front of and made contact with Prosenik- sending the crowd wild. After 15 minutes of discussions and replays from the judges to see if Prosenik made contact before the spin, Team SCR were awarded the win – this put them in 8th place!

Team SCR were working their way to the top, and to get there they had a battle against Adam Hedges. The demonstration from both Team SCR and Hedges were remarkable, with judges unable to split the pair. The battle went into sudden death where luck and skill were on the team’s side – Team SCR took the win. The driving in this battle was so unbelievable that judges and fans said it was the best driving they’d seen in three years.

The team continued to climb towards first position with some remarkable driving. In the next race, Team SCR were up against young gun, Nico Reid. It was a tight competition but due to a few mistakes, Team SCR were knocked from receiving first place. With one battle to go, Team SCR had to make it count to finish in the top three.

Team SCR’s last battle for the day was against Tom Marshall for third place. The battle was so tight that the judges couldn’t split the pair. As a result, a re-run was called from the judges. This is where the luck of Team SCR ran out – the team vehicle’s steering arm broke sending the car into the wall and out of the battle.


Despite the drawbacks from the team’s broken swing arm, Team SCR are extremely happy to have ended up in 4th place. Additionally, the team won the ‘Door Banger’ award- an award given to the team that has the best chase in runs. The team explained, “it did not come easy, and it is the best result we have had in D1NZ. We are now 100% more confident in the car.” The team’s visit was their best, and they have made a whole lot of fans along the way. The team is going to continue to strive for that #1 spot.

The next round is January 30th – 31st at Bruce Mclaren Motorsport Park in Taupo.

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