Nothing beats the thrill of taking a classic car out for a ride on a crisp spring morning. The purr of the engine and the feel of the roads in the first ride after a long winter is a true feeling to behold!

However, to make sure this experience is a good one, not one of stress and a hefty repair bill, you must make sure your car is always stored properly. If not when you take your car out for that first ride of the year, the experience may be less than expected.

Read on to find out how to store a classic car properly.


This is the easiest thing to do, and also one of the most important. If you are storing your car for any period kind of extended period of time, having a full tank of gas should protect the fuel tank from moisture and damage.

Use the best quality of gas that you can, and add some fuel stabiliser to give you take an extra layer of protection. After adding your fuel stabiliser make sure to go on a short drive to make sure it spreads throughout the system.


Before storing your car, make sure you fully wash both inside and underneath your car. Let it dry in the open air (to help this process along you can go for a short drive), then fully wax the car to protect the paintwork during the car’s time in storage.

Also be sure to check the car’s interior for forgotten dirt and rubbish, especially any foodstuffs.


This step is especially important if you are leaving you car in storage for a long time. By placing your car on a jack you will stop your car’s tires from gaining flat spots and take the pressure off the suspension during its time in storage.

If you are just keeping your car in storage for a short amount of time and you don’t have any jacks, pumping the tires up fully will give you some protection from flat spots. However, it is best to stay on the safe side and simply use a Jack.


Changing the oil in your car will help prevent rusting as the old oil may contain acid or water. Changing the coolant will have a similar effect, although admittedly this is not quite as necessary as the oil change.


If you are having trouble with any of these steps, or if you want to best possible storage for your car you can always use a professional service to store your car.

As well as performing all the steps seen above and clearing up some space in your garage, a professional storage company will be able to add some extra protection by ensuring the storage unit is at the correct temperature.

This way you can be sure that when you take your car out after its time in storage, it will be in the best condition possible.

If you are interested in shipping a classic car overseas you can visit this page for more information.