Shipping a car, bike or motorhome overseas is an incredibly safe and easy way to send a vehicle to another country. Whether you are moving house, going on an extended holiday, or simply selling your car, shipping is often the best way to do this.

However, in order to make the process go as smoothly as possible, there are some mistakes you should avoid when shipping a vehicle overseas. Read on to find out what they are!


When moving house to another country or going on a long trip you are bound to have a ton of stuff you need to move. As such, filling your car with as much of these things as possible may seem like a great way to move some of this stuff to your new home.

Things like clothes and bedding aren’t fragile, don’t have sell-by- dates and will easily fit in a car’s trunk or the inside of a motor home. Because of this, transporting them in your vehicle seems perfect!

However, if you are shipping via the Roll on/ Roll off method (the cheapest/most common method), you are unfortunately unable to put anything in your car. In fact, you must make sure that absolutely everything has been taken out of your vehicle’s interior.

If you really want to fill up your car, then you will need to send it via a shipping container. However, this is a more expensive option.


Not only will cleaning your vehicle fully mean it arrives at your destination looking at it’s best, not cleaning it could lead to delays getting through customs.

Any plant material stuck in your wheel arches, the floor of your car, or anywhere else could lead to it either not being allowed on the ship or it being quarantined on arrival at its destination.

If you are worried about not cleaning your car well enough, you can pay someone to fully detail your car. This is especially useful if you have an off road vehicle and it should ensure your car makes its journey without any problems. Please check out THIS link for a more info on preparing your car for shipping.


While the 24 hours plus it takes to takes to travel to the UK from Australia by plane may seem like a long journey, that is nothing when compared to the 70 odd days it will take your vehicle to travel by boat. New Zealand, however, is a much shorter transit, shipping times can be as little as only 4 days (Melbourne to Auckland) although can extend to up to around 21 days if shipping in a container from Fremantle across to the south island of New Zealand.

As such you will need to think carefully about when exactly you will need your car to arrive at the destination and try to set up a shipping date to best accommodate this.

You can view the current roll on roll off (RORO) shipping schedule here.


While it may not seem like much, things like checking your tank is around a quarter full, making sure you have extra keys and checking your car is working properly are all crucial things that you must do before shipping.

Forgetting about any of these requirements could cause delays so it is best to double check everything is fully prepared before shipping your vehicle!

Shipping your vehicle with a professional shipping service is one way that you can reduce the chances of anything going wrong during its journey. To find out how WIllship can help please feel free to give us a call on 07 3267 3694 or email us at to discuss your requirements.