So you’re planning on making the big move to the UK? Well, we are here to take the hassle out of getting your vehicle half way across the world. Entrusting WillShip in the freighting of your vehicle will ensure the process is completed as quickly and trouble free as possible.

With our help, you’ll be stuck in London traffic eating a Cornish Pasty before you know it…


Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible to import the car as a ‘personal import’. This means the vehicle will be exempt from both customs duty and VAT (Value Added Tax). To qualify for this we need proof, in the form of an insurance and registration document, showing that you have owned the car, and had it registered at an Australian address, for more than 6 months before shipment. You will also need to complete a ‘C104A’ Customs form which we will provide for you.


If you do not meet the above criteria, then both duty and VAT is payable. Duty is calculated on the ‘landed value’ of the vehicle. This is calculated by taking the cost or value of the vehicle, plus Insurance & Freight, this is commonly referred to as the ‘CIF’ price. The duty rates for cars is 10%, VAT is 20%. If the vehicle is a collectors car of historical interest, then this will only attract a VAT rate of 5%, and no duty if they are bought commercially rather than as a personal import. (eg: Classic Car Dealer). VAT is payable on the CIF Value, plus the duty, plus a VAT adjustment of GB 90.00 per ton, plus GB 80.00 per consignment. The VAT adjustment is a value added to the value on which VAT is paid, not an additional tax amount. They don’t miss you with the taxes over in the UK.




We do not get involved in the registration process but we will ensure that all the customs import forms are completed to allow you to register your car. All cars being imported commercially now have to be declared on the NOVA System (Notification of Vehicle Arrival), If they are not there is a fine of GB 5.00 per day between the date of import and the date of attempted registration. The car cannot be registered in the UK without the NOVA declaration being completed. You are welcome to do your own declaration, or we can handle this for you for GB 50.00 – its a bit of a lengthy process. More information here.


NOTE: If you are importing the vehicle as a personal import, you DO NOT have to register the vehicle on the NOVA system.


Prior to being able to register the vehicle, it will need to gain safely approval for use on UK roads. Please visit this site for information on registration and this site for information on approval.






We have a contact who can take care of this all of this for you once the vehicle arrives into the UK. We can put you in touch with our compliance facility and you are welcome to liase with them directly regarding the specific regulations in regards to your vehicle. They will need copies of the Australian insurance and registration paperwork.


For vehicles LESS than 10 years old


In addition, you will need the following documentation for compliance testing. Two utility bills in the name of the importer at the Australian address shown on the registration and insurance certificates that is 6 months old, and, another that is at least 12 months old but no more than 15 months old.


Parts of the compliance test for cars less than 10 years old include:


  • Speedometer must be MPH so may need changing
  • A red rear fog light
  • Glass tints additional to EU manufacturer limits have to be removed
  • Australian manufactured tyres need to be replaced, they are not EU compliant
  • Tow bars, roof bars, ‘Roo’ bars must be removed (but can be refitted after the test)
  • Vehicles over 10 years old only need a UK MOT test.


Vehicles imported for temporary use


You will only qualify if the owner is not moving to the UK permanently. Vehicles may be used on a temporary basis, for not more than 6 months, as long as the owner has written proof from their Australian insurance company that the vehicle is fully covered for use on UK roads. Without this the vehicle is considered as not insured and therefore unusable on UK roads. To drive a vehicle on UK or EU roads without all of the above being adhered to would mean the driver/owner were liable to prosecution.


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