An often overlooked part of shipping your car is how to actually get the car from your house to the port. While not quite as complex a process as shipping your car across the world, it can nonetheless cause a few headaches if not planned for properly.

Read on to find out about the best way to get you car from your house to the port!


There are two main ways to get your car from your house to the port. These are dropping your car off at the shipping company yourself, or getting the shipping company to pick-up your car. The method you choose will depend on a few variables, including:

● The shipping method (container or roll-on/roll- off)

● How far away you live from the port

● Your type of car

You will also need to think of a convenient date to pass over your car, as well as making sure you have fully prepared your car for shipping before this date.


If you live close to your port of departure it is possible to simply drive your car into the port yourself.

All you need to do is arrange your drop off date with your shipping company, and drive your car to the port on that date. The drop-off date is usually around three to five days before shipping which ensures that nothing is being left to the last minute.

This is a fairly simple option and other than the problem of how to get home once your car is in the port, there isn’t much to worry about.


This is probably the easiest option, although may result in a slighter higher fee than if you drop the car off at the port yourself. It is perfect if you live too far from the port. Also as you may be arranging other things relating to your move or trip, getting your shipping company to pick up your car can save you a lot of hassle during a busy time.

Like with the drop-off method, you must arrange a pick-up date in advance and this will be around three to five days before your shipping date.

Another benefit to getting your shipping company to pick up your car comes when you are shipping via container. Depending on the size of your car and the size of your container, you may be able to put some additional things into the container.

This can be a massive help if you are moving abroad and have a lot of personal possessions that you need to take with you.

The pick-up method is also the best method if you are shipping a classic car that has any mechanical problems as it means you won’t have to worry about driving your car to the shipping company.

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