With the traffic, stress and congestion associated with day to day car use, it can be easy to forget about the joys of driving on an open and free road.

Taking a road trip can allow you to use your car for what it was made for, all the while taking in some spectacular scenery on the way.

There are few places in the world that combine as much varied scenery into as small a place as Europe. From Alpine climbs, to coastal roads, a journey through Europe can see you take in a huge variety of different types of scenery and roads in one trip.

What’s more is that the roads in this part of the world are often well kept, which can make your ride even more comfortable.

Here is a look a look at five of the best roads to drive on in Europe.


This road through the Carpathian Mountains, with a high point of 2,145m, is sure to take your breath away. It is 140km long and full of breathtaking views, brilliant valleys, and long mountain top plateaus.

Thought to have been first built in the second century by the Roman Empire, it twists and winds its way throughout central and western Romania.

A word of warning, though, it is closed in winter due to snow and ice caused by its elevation so be sure to check it will be open before planning a trip.


This road, with a high point of 2807m, is the highest in Europe. It offers spectacular views of one of the most famous mountain ranges in the world and all on a really well looked after road.

Used by the Tour de France, you know the inclines, twists, and turns on road will be a real test of your driving metal, although the surrounding scenery and panoramic views will be the perfect reward!


Another road with its history based in Roman times, this 50km stretch in Austria follows the Mur River valley and all the twists and hairpin turns that go with it.

As one of the lesser known roads on this list, it is unlikely to be too busy. This means you will have stretches of the pristine countryside completely to yourself.

On a clear day, and depending on where exactly on the route you are, you will have views into both Hungary and Slovenia.


No prizes for guessing what the name of this road translates to! However, once you see the fairytale castles and palaces that line this road you will know exactly how it got its name.

Roaming through Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg, this road takes in such sights as medieval villages, spa towns, castles and rivers all before finishing just after a 15 million-year-old meteorite crater.


If you want to keep things closer to sea level, this could be the road for you. It is a beautiful coastal road that twists and winds its way past the types of stunning beaches and cliffs that Italy is famous for.

A trip along any of the roads in this article is sure to be a memorable experience. If you are planning a trip to Europe and want to take the stress out of bringing your car get in touch with Willship to find out how we can help you with shipping your car! Also check out this page for more information on shipping to the UK.