Whether you are selling you bike, moving house or going on a road trip, there are many reasons for shipping your motorcycle abroad.

Much like shipping a car, there are two main ways that you can ship a motorcycle abroad. Both ways are quick, safe and effective and should see your motorbike arrive at its destination without any problems.

If you are shipping a motorcycle/motorbike to New Zealand we have more specific information on this page.

These two methods are roll-on/roll-off shipping and container shipping. Read on for an overview of these two shipping methods.



In roll-on/roll-off shipping, each individual motorcycle is brought onto the ship individually, using its own wheels.

Once on board the bikes are strapped onto the deck with all the other vehicles, making the boat look like a giant floating car park.

One of the important things to notice if you decide to use roll-on/roll-off shipping is that your motorcycle’s engine must be able to be turned on. This is because your bike needs to be driven up the ramp and onto the ship.

Roll-on/roll-off shipping is the cheapest option for sending your motorcycle abroad and is recommended for most situations. For more information and pictures on roll on roll off (RORO) shipping please check out this article.



When shipping a motorcycle abroad there are of course other things to think about as well as the shipping method.

These include customs fees, whether or not your bike will need to be registered, shipping dates and time, and if you need to get a carnet de passage en douane.

Each country will have its own requirements when it comes to these conditions. As an example of the type of things you will need to consider when shipping a motorcycle or other vehicle abroad check out these two guides.

Shipping a motorcycle from Australia to New Zealand
Shipping a car from Australia to the UK



Container shipping involves loading your motorcycle into a container and then loading the whole container onto the ship.

A container is generally 20ft or 40ft and as such is usually much too big and expensive if you simply want to send a motorcycle abroad.

However, there are some situations were shipping your motorcycle via container shipping can be beneficial. For example if you are sending more than one motorcycle it can be possible to save some money when compared to sending each bike individually via the roll-on/roll-off method.

Another time it can be advantageous to ship using a container is if you are shipping your motorcycle along with other items. For example, if you are moving house, a 20ft container will provide plenty of room for both your bike and some of your other items. Therefore, it could well be worth considering using a container if you are moving house abroad. This article goes into further detail about the differences between roll on roll off (RORO) and container shipping.



In conclusion whether you choose roll-on/roll-off shipping on container shipping will ultimately come down to your specific situation.

If you are simply shipping one motorbike, it is almost certainly going to be the case that roll-on/roll-off shipping is the best, most convenient, and cheapest option.

However if you are shipping more than one bike, or you need to ship other items as well as your bike, container shipping could well be the way to go.

And remember, if you need any help with any part of shipping your motorcycle abroad, make sure to give Willship a call on (61) 7 3267 3694 or enquire online to find out how we can help you! Our total service can help with everything from the collection of your bike to customs and compliance.